We believe The Northern Nanny Agency is an incredible provider of service to  our clients and staff, but of course we would! Our opinion might be a bit biased, so to balance this we have been lucky enough to get some wonderful testimonials!

We asked our client families and staff to complete these for us, and we wanted to hear from them so we could make the Agency even better. We hoped their opinions would match ours, and we were not disappointed!

We work hard to match the best candidates with the right families, and it is honestly so humbling to hear from our ecstatic customers. These testimonials had us tearing up with joy, validating that our processes work and we achieve what we set out to.


When we began our search for a nanny we were overwhelmed by what a daunting task it was, particularly as our son has some additional needs, so finding the right person for the job was crucial in supporting him and making him as comfortable as possible. Penny took all the worry out of the process – she was kind, compassionate, and really listened to what was important to us. We were given constant updates during the process and all questions were welcomed. We are over the moon with our nanny! Thank you for all of your hard work!

Rachel ( Liverpool )

Penny is consummate and caring professional who has made it her personal mission to ensure our nanny’s are not only highly qualified but that they fit the ethos of our family as we have grown, changed and faced life’s challenges. She goes above and beyond to understand the family and find someone to create a perfect fit. We couldn’t recommend working with her highly enough.



The Cavill’s.

Penny is amazing!
She made finding a nanny super easy with literally supplying us just one candidate who was perfect for us!

Penny is always on hand and even managed to help us when she had covid! I can’t recommend her highly enough. 

Thank you so so much!



Katie (London)


I needed a housekeeper/personal assistant and didn’t know where to start!!
After calling and chatting with Penny she was so reassuring and informative. After a few days, Penny came up with recommendations and more phone support!
I have a new employee starting with me tomorrow and I can’t wait!
Penny listened and took the time to find the right person for the job. I’m very grateful and feel confident that the Northern Nanny and Housekeeping Agency will support me along the way!


Penny found the perfect housekeeper very quickly!
I will be recommending her services to everyone!

Thank you, Penny!



Penny at the Northern Nanny and Housekeeping Agency has been fantastic in finding the perfect part time nanny for my two boys. I felt that my wishes and concerns were heard and respected throughout the process and would not hesitate to use the agency again. Thanks Penny!



Wow! Thanks Penny. Super friendly, helpful and fast.
Found us the perfect nanny in no time.


Our children settled straight away and the bond that our nanny has with them is beautiful. Thank you for everything, Penny.


Penny, your personal touch made all the difference when finding me the most wonderful house keeper.



Victoria – Live Out Nanny

Victoria - Live In Nanny

I started out my childcare career working in nurseries as an apprentice. I completed my Level 2 childcare, and was halfway through my Level 3 before lockdown hit and after that I had a lot of family priorities due to COVID so I decided to change my career path for a short while in order to be closer to home and be able to be with family more.

Whilst working in a nursery I offered babysitting in my local area and was fortunate to find a few families that I babysat for on a regular basis and became very close to. This gave a new experience as working with children in a nursery environment compared to their own home environment was very different and I learned new things and new ways to deal with various situations.

I worked with children of all ages from 6 months old to 15 years old, and some with additional needs too and enjoyed the way each child was very different to each other.

I have always loved being around children and working with them, helping them to learn and develop different skills was so rewarding and makes it feel like more than “just a job”

The time then came when I decided I wanted to go back to a childcare career but I wanted something different than a nursery. So I considered my options and decided to start my career as a Nanny.

I signed up with a few agencies and within a few months I found a family looking for a Live Out Nanny on a temporary basis for their 10 month old little boy.

I met the family and loved them, so my Nanny career finally started!

I started my new job, working four days a week. Mum and Dad already had a good routine in place so I just slotted in to that and worked with his routine.

My typical day started at 7:15am, having a quick hand over with Mum and Dad before they left for work and then our fun began.

We had breakfast first thing and then after that we would have a little quiet time in order for his food to settle.

We would then go for a morning walk if the weather was good to us to get some fresh air before heading back home in time for his first bottle and then some stories before going down for a morning nap at 9:30am.

He slept until 11am at first so I used this time to do some light housework, washing dishes, some laundry, preparing any bottles, drinks or meals to take out with us for the afternoon, keeping his play area clean and tidy and once a week I rotated his toys to keep him interested and stimulated.

Come 11am, we would get ready for the afternoon.

Mum and Dad had a lot of trust in me and was happy for us to do anything during our time that would be fun for their little boy.

Depending on the day and weather we always had plenty of options; baby groups, trips to the park, a train ride somewhere, play centres, messy play indoors which included but not limited to; jelly play, water play, out and about in the garden, getting the paint out, sand, sensory play, making dens and so much more.

We would either come back for lunch or have lunch out then come back for just before half 2 to settle down before his afternoon nap.

Again during this time I would finish off any jobs, laundry, mopping, hoovering and sometimes treated myself to a 20 minute workout or enjoying a brew with a film on my tablet.

4pm I would get him up, make his next bottle and then have some play time before Mum or Dad arrived home from work.

During my time with this family I had many new situations to work with and always done it to the best of my ability.

Changes to his routine, dealing with sickness, teething and a possibility of lactose intolerance. All of these led to slower meal times, doctors appointments, working alongside Mum or Dad for the day for extra support and none of this was ever too much.

I have offered advice and support to the family, both involving their child and sometimes on a personal level too as we all felt I became part of the family.

One of my biggest achievements in this role is helping their little boy to take his first steps with a walker and seeing how proud of himself he is and also his parents.

Times like this makes me realised choosing this career was the best decision and although I’m sad my time with my current family is coming to end, I have loved every second and I’m excited to meet a new family to work with.

Working as a Nanny is such a rewarding job and I feel you have a better relationship with the children, parents and other family members.

The best part is watching children learn things you teach them, learning new things in general and seeing them become amazing little people in this big world.


After you successfully placed an amazing housekeeper with us over 8 years ago (and she’s still here!) you were our first choice when it came to finding a nanny for our new baby.
We were very nervous at the start of this process as she is our first, but you managed to work your magic yet again. You sent us a selection of candidates who were all superb, you made the transition   from interview to start date absolutely seamless.



Just wanted to thank Penny and her team for getting me the best start to 2024 that I could have hoped for. I start work with my new family in January and I can’t wait! I’ve been registered with all the agencies over the years and Penny is consistently the best. She is contactable all hours and nothing is too much trouble for her.
Her nanny experience really helps when she deals with families too as she can explain exactly what they need.



I have been with the Northern Nanny and Housekeeping Agency for over 2 years. I’m certain this time I have found them to be so attentive to my needs. They are kind, considerate, and very professional at all times. If you are looking for a candidate to join your family, or you are looking for a position, then do not hesitate. This is the agency for you.
Wishing them all the very best for a great future.



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