Terms & Conditions


• ‘The Agency’ means The Northern Nanny Agency.
• ‘The Client’ means any person, firm or corporation who approaches the Agency with a view to employ a Candidate that is introduced by the Agency.
• ‘The Candidate’ means a person introduced by the Agency to the Client to be considered for employment.
• Temporary placement is a placement for any period less than six consecutive months. The introduction fee for a temporary placement is charged at £100 per week until the placement is terminated.
• A permanent placement is defined as a placement for any period that is more than six consecutive months.

2. The Agency is required to introduce prospective Client’s and Candidates to each other. The Candidate is not an employee of the Agency but the Client is the employer of the Candidate. The Client is responsible for all PAYE and National Insurance contributions along with any statutory rights the Candidate is entitled to.

3. The Client must inform the Agency immediately of any agreement between Client and Candidate of employment commencement. This should include the pay offered and the length of employment especially if the position is temporary.

4. The Agency charge a search charge fee of £250 which is payable seven days from the date below, followed by a placement fee of 20% of the agreed annul gross salary for full/part time permanent Nanny or Housekeeping staff, this is payable within fourteen days from the date of invoice and prior to commencement. Please note the search fee is deducted from the placement fee at point of invoice for placement.

5. The Agency does not employ the Applicants. The Client is the employer of the Candidate and all PAYE and National Insurance contributions together with any other statutory rights that the Candidate is entitled to are the responsibility of the Client.

6. If a temporary placement becomes a permanent placement, the full permanent introduction fee becomes due and the appropriate additional fee will be charged, taking into consideration the temporary fee already paid, this will be payable as per the Agency’s normal terms of business. If a client employs an applicant for a temporary period and then engages a further applicant on either a permanent or temporary basis, this will be treated as a completely new, separate arrangement.

7. In cases where the Candidate has been engaged on a temporary basis and the employment continues for a period longer than that for which the fee has been calculated, or on a permanent basis, the Agency must be notified immediately and the appropriate additional fee will be charged and will be payable as per normal terms of business.

8. The client is requested to reimburse either the Agency or the Candidate, depending on who paid for the ticket, with all reasonable travelling expenses to the interview and/or for the trial period, upon presentation of receipt.

9. If the employment terminates before 12 weeks the Agency will endeavour to find you someone new free of charge.

10. The Agency will not provide a replacement where the Candidate had been treated unreasonably by the Client, given the circumstances of the job they are being retained to do or where the Client or the Client’s family have not been honest about the type of help required, and the Candidate is required to do duties that were not agreed at interview or are contained in any contract between the Client and Candidate.

11. In the event the agreement is cancelled after a firm booking prior to the employment commencement by the Client then there will be a charge of the first weeks agreed salary made payable to the Candidate in consideration of costs incurred by the Agency. Should a Candidate fail to take up employment after the agreed employment then no charge will be made payable to the Client as long as they have made the Agency aware within two days of the declined services by the Candidate.

12. All information supplied by the Agency is confidential and must not be passed either directly or indirectly to any actual or potential Clients or Candidate. If any information is transferred or passed on in breach of this condition, the Client in breach will be held responsible for the Agency fee on the same terms as if the Client had herself/himself engaged the Candidate on a permanent basis.

13. All reasonable and due care is taken by the Agency to screen Candidates but no guarantees whatsoever are given by the Agency with respect to the Candidate’s suitability or otherwise, save that the Agency will always check the visa status, qualifications of the applicant and their references to satisfy itself that the applicant is suitable, although the Agency cannot be responsible for the bona fides or accuracy of the said references.

14. Whilst every care is taken in ensuring that the Candidate is suitable for the Client. The final responsibility rests with the Client as to the Candidates capability and suitability. All references should be verified by the Client prior to the employment commencing. The Agency does not give any warranty for the suitability, history, character, age, honesty or capability of the Candidate and will not be liable for any negligence on the Candidates part.

15. The Agency shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred by the Client arising from or in any way connected with the Agency seeking for a Candidate for the Client.