‘Autumn days when the grass is jewelled…’ we thought we’d just get started with a little earworm from our school days… The season has well and truly landed with days are getting shorter, the weather a little cooler and wherever you look the gorgeous Autumnal shades appear.

As half term is almost here, we wanted to share some of our favourite crafts and activities for the cosy season, and we’d also love to hear from you on our socials with any of your tips and tricks. Little ones love to collect anything and everything when on a walk resulting in pockets full of sticks and acorns- here are some ways to use them while having fun and learning about nature!

Magic Wands

Perfect for Halloween (and beyond), super cute and encouraging imaginative play- what more could you want? Simply cut a star shape out of cardboard, spreading with a thin layer of glue, add leaves, glitter and whatever other extras they may want to decorate it with. Using a glue gun (out of the way of little fingers of course) attach the star to the stick of their choice and enjoy some Autumn magic.

Spooky Bats

So simple and effective, these cute little bats are the sweetest Halloween decoration! All you need is card, the trusty glue gun, pinecones and sticky eyes! You could also add a sprinkle of glitter to jazz them up a little!

Leaf Chart

Great for teaching how to match up, we love a leaf chart! Whether you go for colour, size or shape this fun activity will keep them busy for ages- use Blu Tack or similar so the chart can be reused.

Hand Painting

A gorgeous way to make memories, especially if it’s repeated each year! By using seasonal shades for the leaves, this cute craft makes the loveliest keepsake!

We hope you have fun autumn adventures! Make sure to send us your pics or post to our Facebook page 🙂