It’s both thrilling and nerve-wracking to take a trip with the kids. Preparation is the key to a stress-free trip, whether you’re on holiday or going to see relatives. Our nanny service is aware of how difficult it can be to take young children on the road, so we’ve compiled some of our best travel advice to help you make the most of your time away with the little ones.

1. Plan Strategically
Start off on the right foot by carefully organising your trip. To make the trip easier on your child, plan to leave when he or she is expected to be sleeping. To keep them occupied and relaxed on the trip, pack their favourites snacks, toys, and comfort items.

2. Pack carefully
When on a trip with kids, it’s essential to pack light. Make sure you have things like diapers, wipes, an extra change of clothes, and any necessary medications. Prepare for the possibility of minor injuries by bringing along a first aid kit.

3. Select Lodgings That Are Family-Friendly
Choose lodgings that cater to families by including features like cribs, high chairs, and play areas when planning a trip with a young child. Your children will feel more at ease in such a setting, and you can make it all the more familiar with their favourite toys and teddies..

4. Keep in Mind Your Sleeping Habits
Consistency in your sleep schedule is essential for maintaining your health when travelling. You should bring things like a beloved blanket or stuffed animal to make them feel more at home in their new sleeping arrangements. Establishing a soothing habit before bed can serve as a cue that it’s time to wind down.

5. Keep an Open Mind
Although it’s helpful to have a strategy, it’s just as necessary to be adaptable. Detours and time delays are commonplace while travelling with children. Take advantage of the unexpected and enjoy the moment.

6. Divide Up Your Travel Time
Young children may become anxious during long car trips. Make regular stops for stretching, toilet breaks and playing if at all possible. This will keep their spirits high and lessen their tendency towards restlessness.

7. Keep Snacks on Hand

Hungry kids get irritable kids fast. Bring along a selection of nutritious, easily accessible snacks. This will do double duty as a hunger suppressant and an anxiety buster.

8. Get Them Involved in the Preparation
Include the kids in the travel preparations. Take them on a virtual tour of the location, have them help pick out the itinerary’s activities, and brief them on what they may expect. Expectation and enthusiasm will rise as a result.

9. Safety First

Put your child’s safety first by checking that all car seats, booster seats, and strollers are up to code. Read up on the local laws regarding the safety of children if you’re taking a trip abroad.

10. Embrace Technology.

Technology is a great tool to have on the road. Prepare a tablet or smartphone with kid-friendly films, games, and apps for long car rides and flights.

Taking a trip with a baby, toddler, or young child will require a bit more preparation, but the experiences and memories you make will last a lifetime. All at The Northern Nanny & Housekeeping Agency hope that by providing these travel tips, you and your family will have a more relaxing and enjoyable trip. Don’t forget that being together throughout the trip is part of the adventure in and of itself.

Happy and Safe Travels!